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The Legendary "Ayam Cemani"

The Ayam Kedu Cemani are one of the Rarest of Rare poultry breeds. Originally from Indonesia, they live wild in the jungles. 

The Cemani are probably best known for being the only breed of chicken that is PURE black! Kedu is the breed, Cemani means black.  US strains often have white toe tips and/or grey tongues.  Breeders like us cull very hard to achieve keeping the blackest of birds, although sometimes chicks still hatch with oddities such as clear toe nails, white mouths and hackle color leakage.

 The USDA ban on importing poultry made it very difficult but very rewarding when we finally received them!

We have several pens of Cemani's..one pen of Indonesian decedents, one pen of Smithsonian Imported and 2 pens mixing the genetics of the 2 lines.  

Cemani flock "purple bands"
Cemani flock "purple"
Started Cemani roo

Day old Cemani chicks