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This website was last update JULY 2019

Spring is here! Our girls  have started laying but not consistently, please email me at [email protected] if you have questions regarding how soon you would get eggs from certain breeds. HAPPY HATCHING!

We are a family farm/ hatchery located in Kempner TX, just outside of FT Hood.  

Our flocks are NPIP tested yearly and have always been healthy! We are also registered with the State of Texas TAHC and have import/export permits.     

If you are looking to purchase please go to the "for Sale". We do offer ranch pick up instead of shipping, however we are unable to do tours through or pens for bio security reasons.      

All pictures on this site are sole property of Watson Ridge Ranch.  Written permission is required to use our photos, information etc.                                        

2016 Bluebonnet Classic show in College Station TX

2014 Serama Summer Stampede in Canton TX. This was the first time the Lone Star State Serama council had a table top Serama show in conjunction with a rabbit show, it was a GREAT event!